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Golden Ice. Golden Ice company started in 1999 as a self-owned company
Egyptian Origins During the first ten years, the company expanded to own production lines and factories in different countries around the world (China). Turkey, Malaysia-Saudi Arabia (Golden Ice products are distributed to most Arab countries through distributors, agents, and branches) Egypt – Bahrain – Saudi Arabia – Sudan. Wega – BFC – Maysa pavincaffe-golden pack— – and other international brands of restaurant and cafe equipment. The company has expanded in recent years and a special section has been established for factory equipment, production lines, and many foods and industrial products.

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We are always ready to serve our customers in the best ways and always argue that obtained our customers’ satisfaction either from the sales service or after-sales service this is always distinguished and we are considered every customer to be an individual of the Golden Ace family we did better and fast service Aftersales in the Middle East.

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